HSTI Videos


View tutorial videos on how to Setup your Wireless Media Stick™, how to share folders on your home computers for streaming to other devices, or other How-to videos.

Wireless Media Stick™ Setup Wizard

This walks you through the Setup Wizard for the Wireless Media Stick™. This is all you need to do. There is no software to install.

How to stream shared media files to media player

Wireless Media Stick™ – Stream shared media files from your windows or mac PC or android smartphone to any media player like a TV blu-ray dvd ps3 xbox wdtv asus o!play. Wirelessly. Attach the WMS to the network, install the sharing software, plug the WMS to the media player, Stream files from the PC through the WMS wirelessly.


Portable media server – Wireless Media Stick™

Wireless Media Stick™ CES presentation

Wireless Media Stick™, a game changing accessory that sets Android™-based phones apart from their competition, and will change the way people enjoy media files like movies, home videos, music and photos.

WMS TV Commercial 2010

This TV commercial perfectly describes how you would use this Wireless Media Stick™ in your home. Stream your media files to your media players, instead of watching on your small computer screen.

Wireless Media Stick™ 2.0

Life with the Wireless Media Stick™

Samsung Galaxy S ultimate mobile accessory

Harry walks through how to use a Wireless Media Stick™ and the built in wi-fi router of the Samsung Galaxy S to stream HD files/movies to the USB port of media players like TVs, Blu-ray/DVD players, stereos, PS3, Xbox, asus O!play, WDTV etc.

Wireless Media Stick™ – set up & streaming demonstration

Ken describes how you can easily set up the HSTI Wireless Media Stick™ on your computer and then how to use it with a digital photo frame, a stereo, and a Blu-ray player, no matter what brand. It shows how you can stream your stored music, video or photo files using your existing wireless network.

Mobostick™ – Connect android to TV

Stream files wirelessly from any Android device to PS3, XBOX360, WDTV, ASUS, TV, Stereo, PC, MAC. Wireless USB connectivity for your Android SmartPhone and Tablet.

Mobostick™ video

Watch videos streamed from your Android phone or tablet on your big screen TV with the help of Mobostick™.

Mobostick™ photo

Photo slideshow from your Android device through Mobostick™. Share photos from your Android phone and tablet with any media player.

Mobostick™ audio

Streaming from Android Desire HD to a Stereo with the help of Mobostick™. Share files from your Android phone and tablet with any device with a USB port.