FRITZ! Clips – videoülevaated FRTIZ!Box kasutamisest


AVM has launched a range of new video guides. With a more entertaining way to learn about new functions and general topics such as WLAN, we want to ensure that all customers can actually enjoy the wide range of features that come with a FRITZ!Box router. In addition to the new videos, existing FRITZ! Clips covering categories such as Internet, telephony, WLAN and home networking have been updated.
The new videos show users step by step how to update the firmware of a FRITZ!Box within seconds or how to forward incoming calls to the integrated answering machine at night or at other times. Other FRITZ! Clips have been updated, including the video that illustrates how to integrate wireless DECT phones into a home network. While some of the FRITZ! Clips explain certain settings and features of the FRITZ!Box, other video guides provide a brief introduction to general topics such as WLAN or remote access (VPN – virtual private network).

WLAN – How It Works and Settings

WLAN Monitor and Radio Channel Settings of your FRITZ!Box

Streaming Music

Streaming Music on Your Home Network with FRITZ!Box

Setting up Telephony Devices

Setting up Telephony Devices

Night Service and Alarm

You can define a period of time during which your FRITZ!Box will trigger the Do Not Disturb function for all connected phones. During the time period indicated, all calls will be muted unless they come from people who you’ve marked as important persons in the FRITZ!Box telephone book.

Firmware Update

You can install a new version of firmware yourself or update it via the FRITZ!Box user interface.

DECT – Settings and Security

DECT: Settings and Security of the FRITZ!Box

The Cable Modem – Connecting to the Internet

Connect FRITZ!Box with your Internet service provider’s cable modem

Setting up Internet connections (dual mode)

Connect FRITZ!Box to an already existing network


The FRITZ!Box and VPN with Windows


Increase security in your own network

The FRITZ!Box firewall

Functionality and configuration

WLAN Security

Setting up secure wireless networks

Child Protection

Define Internet access times