06 Sep 2016

Robustel Dual 4G PoE router connects cameras seamlessly to network

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Robustel launches industrial grade R2000 Dual Router with dual radio module and 4 ports with PoE. R2000 Dual 4G LTE is one of the first low cost routers that supports dual module and provides 4 Ethernet ports with PoE (Power of Ethernet). As a new member of R2000 series, R2000 Dual is a cost effective industrial grade router.

Named after its key feature “dual module”, R2000 Dual provides a high-speed switch between two mobile networks. R2000 Dual only needs 3 seconds for network switching instead of 30 seconds with single module routers. Additionally, it also supports bandwidth bonding functionality to support higher data speed and better user experience.

The above mentioned features supported by Dual module are frequently requested by ATM / kiosk and surveillance camera solutions, where a secure, fast and stable communication is very critical.

Besides Dual Module, R2000 Dual also supports following features which is important in various IoT vertical segments:

  • 4 Ports PoE – Applicable to video surveillance markets
  • Power supply with screw – compatible with on-board requirements
  • Wi-Fi – Landing page for bus passengers and backup for near field maintenance

Similar to all router series, R2000 Dual VPN router can be managed remotely by Robustlink & RobustVPN, the sophisticated cloud based device management software.

For Detailed product information, please refer to R2000 Dual on our website (http://www.robustel.com/products/gorugged-industrial-cellular-r/r2000-dual-router.html)

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