HSTi is a Canadian technology company that develops and markets products intended to transform how people use and enjoy their media files. Our patented streaming technology (Patent Pending and World P.C.T) is the foundation for all our products that help consumers and businesses enhance their wireless entertainment experience.

HSTI Videos about Wireless Media Stick™ and Mobostick™



Wireless Media Stick™

The Wireless Media Stick™ is a patented technology (Patent Pending and World P.C.T) that streams media files from any computer connected to a home wireless network, or Android Smartphone/Tablet, to any media player with a USB playback port.

It’s not a memory stick! It’s a media stick

At a glance people think the Wireless Media Stick™ is a USB memory stick, but it’s not. It has brains!
Basically, the Wireless Media Stick is a network bridge between your computer and your media player (TV, DVD, Blu-ray, game console, stereo, digital picture frame etc) that is capable of reading files from the player’s USB port.

1TB virtual memory!

The advantage of the Wireless Media Stick™ is that it doesn’t store files, it enables you to stream music, video and photo files that are stored on your computers. The Wireless Media Stick accesses shared folders from any computer connected to your wireless router and presents them to the USB port it connects to. The memory is on your network, not on the Wireless Media Stick. Playback is handled by your media player(s) – TV, DVD/Blu-Ray player, stereo, photo frame, game console.

Wireless Media Stick + Android App

Smart phones do a great job consolidating your life into one device. But when it comes to sharing your life from your phone, options are limited. Introducing, the Wireless Media Stick™ the perfect accessory for your digital life. Accessorize your Android phone with the Wireless Media Stick™ + Wireless Media Stick App, and stream files from your phone to any device with a USB port, wirelessly.

  • Wireless IEEE 802.11 b/g/n (2.4GHz)
  • USB 2.0 compatible
  • Frequency Range 2.412 ~ 2.4835GHz
  • WEP 64/128, WPA, WPA2, TKIP, AES Security
  • Power Consumption 1.3W in operation, 1.1W idle
  • Weight 24g
  • Dimensions (W x L x H), 29.85×84.20×15.70mm
Wireless Media Stick


The Mobostick™ is a universal USB connector which offers wireless connectivity to the files that reside inside your SmartPhone and Tablet. Wirelessly connect to devices equipped with a USB port to see and playback files which live in your Android device.

Release the artist within you and share your creations!

the car, in your friend’s place, at work, at the party, in the cabin. Beam your life to new HD heights.

Capture in HD, stream in HD

HD streaming from your SmartPhone and Tablet to any device with a USB port. Plug into any device with a USB port and stream the contents of your phone and tablet. Annoying cables? Break free with portable wireless connectivity! All that while using your phone to make calls, snap photos or surf the net, without interrupting your media streaming.

Love all, share all

Use the Mobostick™ App to share any folder and its contents with any device the Mobostick™ plugs into. The folder is presented as it is shared by the Android phone and tablet without filtering of any king. Share PDFs, Word and Excel documents, contact and system files, or any media file.
From your Android device and through the Mobostick™:

  • Copy files to a computer or laptop
  • Backup important information
  • Stream your music files to a stereo
  • Beam videos uploaded or created by the device to your TV
  • Display a photo slideshow through your game console or any media player
  • Print a photo

See the Mobostick™ in action on HSTI’s YouTube Channel!


Video on Demand Innovated

Imagine a device that could deliver movies, TV shows, online training or other on-demand video content to any media player. A device so versatile that it fits in your pocket and delivers digital on-demand content from an internet site to a game console, a non-networked DVD/ Blu-ray™ player, or even a digital photo frame.

StreamStick™ delivers Video on Demand

HSTi has created StreamStick™, a robust cloud computing, content delivery device using Wireless Media Stick™ patented technology. A smart Video-on-Demand (VOD) solution, the StreamStick™ allows the consumer to instantly watch movies or TV programs streamed to their preferred playback device, from your content storage infrastructure.

Video on Demand without the hassles

Use the StreamStick™ to offer Video-on-Demand services to a wide variety of media players and game consoles without the need to develop and integrate custom software on the player itself, or to have agreements with each player’s manufacturer.

It’s Wireless and Secure

The StreamStick™ is a portable device that you can use in any Wi-Fi network and utilizes proven technologies like wireless 802.11 g/n standard along with WEP/WPA/WPA2/TKIP/AES security to deliver the content. The device’s custom OS can accommodate custom software to safeguard and expedite the delivery of that content.

How it works

Your customers set up and access their account on your VOD web portal through a computer or smart phone browser, and select/purchase movies from your content library. The registered StreamStick™ is tied to the user’s account based on its IP or Mac address. Their movie choices are then available on their StreamStick™ as a file.
The StreamStick™ works with the USB playback port and not the actual media player. As a result the StreamStick™ is compatible with most brands and models of players that are equipped with a USB playback port and can read files from a storage device.
The StreamStick™ plugs into a TV, DVD player, Blu-ray, game console, DVB-T, set top box, or any other media player through the USB playback port and presents the video selection as a file. The user navigates through the media player’s file manager menu with the media player’s remote control and hits ‘play’ to view the selected movie file. The movie file is then streamed directly from the content provider’s infrastructure through the StreamStick™ to the media player.

  • Works with most media players with a USB playback port like TVs, PS3™, Xbox™, DVD/Blu-ray™, WD TV™, O!Play, Google TV™, and more
  • Launch quickly to market with a unique product
  • Eliminate the need for time consuming negotiations with multiple manufacturers
  • Remove the need to test every brand and model of media player
  • Deliver VOD content on competitors’ devices
  • Realize new revenue potential and reach a larger customer base
  • Completely portable and can work with smart phones

Wireless Media Stick DS™

Wireless Digital Sign by HSTi – Simplifying digital signage

Digital signs are expensive and hard to maintain for any business. Custom wire drops along with prone-to-failure media players make the digital signs today a cumbersome solution. However, digital signs are an effective method for a company to attract new customers, relay their message to their clients, or provide information to the public.
The Wireless Media Stick™ Digital Signage (DS) is changing the way digital signs work today. Typically, digital signs consist of an expensive screen panel, a media player or a computer that acts as a media player, a mesh of wires, and a wired/wireless connection to the internet.
The Wireless Media Stick™ DS eliminates the need for media players and messy cabling infrastructure. Stream animation, video, picture slides, live feeds and other media formats to digital signs that can adapt to each audience, without the need for complicated infrastructure in place.
If you are a small, mid-size, or large business looking to rollout digital signage, but don’t want to spend a fortune, the Wireless Media Stick™ DS is the solution for you!

Wireless Media Stick™ DS is the backbone of the Wireless Digital Sign

Digital signage paradigm just changed with the availability of new LED/LCD/Plasma panels that have a lifespan of over 60,000 hrs. Thinner, energy efficient panels, with the ability to play videos, photo slideshows and live content, combined with the Wireless Media Stick™ DS, are changing the digital sign landscape. Just one panel or many signs can be driven from the same source and dynamic sign content can be managed locally or through the internet.

Efficient Wireless Content Management

Connect the Wireless Media Stick™ DS to a flat panel’s USB playback port and you now have a digital sign that allows your administrator to load or stream content locally from a computer, NAS device, or the internet directly to the panel – WIRELESSLY. Depending on the extent of your digital sign inventory, you can stream your content through a Wi-Fi network, a 3G/4G network, or a 3G/4G to Wi-Fi hub. The Wireless Media Stick™ DS delivers a wireless solution that dramatically lowers the cost of the digital signs by eliminating media players and cabling.
Wirelessly stream or upload information, advertisements market today.

Wireless Digital Sign Applications

In a small shop messages can be managed from an onsite computer. For a store chain or institutional application, content can be managed remotely, even from a different city.

  • Hair salon – shows ads about products and services sold in the store along with the latest style trends
  • Retail Store – advertises specials or store events on displays in targeted aisles of the store
  • Office Building – sign on each floor delivers news and weather, ads for building tenants, local events and promotions
  • Hospitals, Airports, Reception areas, Sports facilities, Transit platforms, and more – The Wireless Media Stick™ DS can accommodate just about any digital sign application


  • Reduce operating expenses
  • Leverage existing proven technologies like LCD/LED/Plasma
  • New flat panels are rated to last for over 60,000 hrs (7 yrs)
  • Manage content for each individual screen, remotely
  • Stream advertisements or slides through a local Wi-Fi network to multiple panels through the Wireless Media Stick™ DS
  • Upload messages or news to the Wireless Media Stick™ DS from anywhere using 3G/4G and Wi-Fi
MediaStick DS