About Us

SCALEWIRELESS was founded in Estonia on August, 2008 and has grown to be reliable partner in telecommunication, IT related business consulting and project management. We focus on new, innovative, yet reliable products and services. SCALEWIRELESS has three main fields of operation: distribution, project management and consulting.

SW Distribution
SCALEWIRELESS is Synology, AVM, Lancom Systems and HSTI distributor in the Baltic states. We are constantly looking for further products that would fit into our sales channels and product portfolio. We offer localization, local technical and marketing support to our resellers and their clients.
Biggest clients: ALSO, Elion, EMT, Hansab.

SW System-house
SCALEWIRELESS develops wide range of different IT solutions and services from networking projects to storage, mobile applications and video surveillance. Our goal is to offer seamlessly working and zero-effort solutions, that change your IT experience and offer real benefits to drive your business forward.
Biggest clients: Yoga, Uptime, Võrguvara, Elisa.

SW Consulting
SCALEWIRELESS offers consulting and business development support to overcome more challenging IT related goals. For example we have good expertise in planning large-scale wireless networking solutions that could cover entire building, village or town. In case we can not fulfill your demands ourselves, we can help you to choose partners and lead your complex IT project in order to keep costs low and project fully in a good shape.
Biggest client: Vodafone Global Test & Innovation Center.