Vodafone Test & Innovation Center has been running rigorous, all-inclusive testing programs since 1996. The proactive staff and specialized services provide customers and Vodafone itself with custom-devised testing using current and emerging technologies, cutting edge test procedures, an extensive range of highly specialized tools and fast test cycles. That means a mobile network environment, along with a fixed-mobile convergence infrastructure and test automation services. It means an end-to-end test infrastructure with the latest mobile technology. It also means the use of unmatched, multi-vendor real-world environment, which is the most reliable in Europe. Vodafone Test & Innovation Center provides customer with all the components of an ultramodern mobile network, from base stations and data warehouses, to billing systems and multimedia platforms.
Testing efficiently and cost effectively, covering every contingency, Vodafone Test & Innovation Center helps customers to get to market ahead of the competition with a product that works.SCALEWIRELESS has provided consultations to Vodafone Test & Innovation Center considering Future-Connected-Home /home-entertainment, DLNA and home networking solutions. In fact, Vodafone Test & Innovation Center is our oldest business partner: the communication has lasted for over a decade, being established already by our parent enterprise SCALE-MULTIMEDIA.


VKG is the second largest manufacturer of shale oil and chemicals in the world. Company has it’s own mine, different plants and factories that cover wide area in eastern part of Estonia. To have better overview of the production process and to provide better security for the premises, they ordered large outdoors surveillance system.SCALEWIRELESS together with our surveillance solutions partner PRISTIS built a massive surveillance solution with 90+ cameras. SCALEWIRELESS provided and configured networking solution, based on optical fibers to cover long distances. Final solution consisted total of 20 km of optical cable with 14 connection points to the cameras. Cable is connected in a circle mode, so if it should break (or be broken) from any point, then network traffic would be routed other way round. This makes it even harder for anyone to sabotage video surveillance system.


Internet connection in remote areas can be problematic despite growing 3G and 4G network coverage. This was exactly the case in Saxby village, where no cable internet was available and 3G signal on the ground level was too week to establish a stable connection. SCALEWIRELESS placed a professional LANCOM OAP-321-3G outdoor 3G/WiFi router on top of a 40 m tower a few kilometers away. The outdoor router LANCOM OAP-321-3G has a built-in HSPA+ module and 802.11n wireless LAN. On cellular networks the router achieves data rates of up to 21 Mbps downstream and 5.76 Mbps upstream. Its rugged outdoor housing makes the device ideal for connecting outdoor applications where wired broadband access is not available: Applications include the video surveillance of open areas by IP video camera, or the provision of network connectivity to remote locations such as wind turbines or construction sites. As a result, Saxby has fast internet connection. Everything is based on approved and free to air standards – no additional licence costs apply.


The ICT Demo Center in Tallinn, Ülemiste City is the place to see Estonian ICT in action. It has been put together by key players of Estonian ICT industry to promote exports. We showcase the nation’s best ICT solutions all in one facility, providing visitors with hands-on examples of what they are and how they work.SCALEWIRELESS is member of ICT Demo Center since 2008. We have built into the showroom video surveillance solution and home networking and entertainment solution based on DLNA technology.


Rehetrummi Pesapaik is one of the oldest farms in Lääne County, Estonia. They history of witch reaches back to the 18th century.
The current owners from Trumm family kept the farm open for tourists until a unfortunate and devastating fire. Rebuilding of a tourist farm “Rehetrummi pesapaik” started a year after devastating fire on the site and security was set to be top priority from day one.
Located in the remote location of Estonia, video surveillance was needed to monitor building process without the need to constantly drive over.
On-site recording for future disputes with the contractors saved hours of driving, fuel and bought peace of mind and better terms with insurance company.


Restaurant Maikrahv offers excellent meals and refreshing drinks for up to 220 quests at a time in a historical atmosphere right in the very centre of Tallinn Old Town. Video surveillance solution was ordered to assure constant wellbeing and security of the visitors on the large summer terraces, providing the customers with both gourmet nourishments and gourmet sights.
SCALEWIRELESS, together with our partner Digisilm, built quality video surveillance solution for restaurant Maikrahv that meets the needs of catering enterprises.
The solution is based on AXIS cameras and MileStone XProtect software, providing high resolution images from summer terraces. Images can be monitored by authorized employees via PC, smartphones or tablet. Same system records all transactions and video image from meal-order & cash register.


Café Anna Edasi in Tartu, Estonia, is a small and cozy café that offers excellent cakes and meals to its visitors. It was elected to the most children friendly company of Tartu in 2011.
Free, fast and reliable wireless Internet connection in a cafe is a “must have” for any café in Estonia – competition is hard and with most of the café’s providing Internet access, nobody can’t be without it or they risk to loose visitors.
SCALEWIRELESS provided Anna Edasi our café solution, that is easy to install and secure, both to the visitors and to the management. Public network is kept separately from internal traffic. No visitor can gain unauthorized access to café’s computers and public traffic has lower priority than cache terminals. This ensures that bank card payments and other business critical applications work always smoothly.


Vormsi is a small island in the Baltic Sea, close to Estonian western coast. There are 400 registered inhabitants living on a 93 square kilometer land. Internet access in Vormsi has been an important issue for locals for years, since there are not enough jobs on the Island and ferry connection to the mainland is poor.
Good Internet connection is seen as an opportunity to keep people on the Island, to be able to work for companies situated elsewhere.
According to agreement between SCALEWIRELESS and local government of Vormsi we provided consultation and did research about their technical and funding options how to improve Internet service on the small island.
For three years, we also provided free wireless internet connection in two villages, Hullo and Saxby.


Viking Village offers meals, sauna, fishing and accommodation in ancient Viking atmosphere.
The whole complex is several hectares big and it even has a small wooden fortress, where visitors can replay ancient battle with soft weapons and catapults throwing woolen “cannonballs”.
SCALEWIRELESS built Viking Village´s full retail and catering solution that consists of reliable internet connection, WiFi on premises, video surveillance and door access control systems.
Video surveillance system with IP cameras helps to monitor large premises and cut costs on night watch.
Door access control system also allows automatic calculation of employees work time and secures different rooms.


Mia Jõulumaa is a non-profit children’s Christmas land, held every year on the second weekend of Decemter. This is a massive event that brings together over 2000 visitors to play, craft items, ride horses and visit Santa who has presents for every child. SCALEWIRELESS provided Mia Jõulumaa with free and stable Internet connection in difficult environment, where establishing connection with conventional methods was not possible. Technical solution that was used in Mia Jõulumaa is based on LANCOM Systems OAP-321-3G that can be installed in just a few minutes and it has many built-in features, from 3,5G modem and GPS positioning to WiFi internal and external antennas. Connection to the device can be also established via LAN cable.


Scalewireless installed ultra-fast LANCOM outdoor wireless network devices before Estonian-Switzerland football match at A. Le Coq arena for stress test. Ordered by Estonian Football Association, LANCOM devices insured fast and reliable wireless network coverage for visitors during popular football match. LANCOM outdoor devices are known as reliable and load tolerant in environments, where many wireless devices are sharing wireless resources together. At this time, there were over 70 clients using the network at the same time provided by LANCOM OAP-822. But there were about 20 other concurrent WiFi networks on the air, so it was very hard to find free channels to transmit connection for end users. In tough situations, LANCOM still provided fast Internet – about 850 Mbit/s top speed. LANCOM outdoor devices are certified as IP66 standard compatible.