06 Mar 2012

Synology DiskStation Manager 4.0 officially released

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SCALEWIRELESS storage solutions partner Synology today announced the official release of DiskStation Manager 4.0, that brings cloud storage and robust business features to everyday computing.

“DSM 4.0 marks a significant milestone for Synology, representing its efforts to provide users with best-of-breed technologies, an easy approach to master their own clouds, and productive business solutions with no additional cost,” said Rosiel Lee, product manager of Synology Inc.

DSM 4.0 brings new Cloud Station, that offers users a simple and auto way to keep their files in sync, including the change history for data recovery. QuickConnect allows users to sync without the hassle of port forwarding. Unlike licensed cloud services, Cloud Station can grow with users’ demands and there is no recurring fee. In addition, DSM 4.0 pushes event triggered notifications via Microsoft Windows Live Messenger, Skype and DS finder, assuring effortless system monitoring.

Business clients will like, that it is now easy to add a DiskStation to a VLAN environment. A DiskStation can also work as a DHCP server to distribute IP addresses to different devices. DSM 4.0 supports iSCSI LUN backup, which features point-in-time technology, incremental backup and space reclaim to create instantaneous copies and optimize task efficiency. Synology’s complete VPN support allows for a cost-effective private network to securely share information across multiple locations. What’s more, Windows ACL settings can be edited quickly on the intuitive interface of DSM.

Smart management provides a more efficient approach to software installation and upgrade by turning applications, such as Photo Station and Download Station, into packages that can be added in need. Integrated with HTML5 and CSS 2D Transforms, Pilot View and Instant Preview helps users easily switch between applications. Desktop widgets display a variety of system resources to simplify server management.

Surveillance Station now supports over 1,000 IP cameras and streams surveillance footages faster. In addition, users can deploy a single fisheye camera to cover all the angles without blind spot. Live-view Analytics carries out real-time analysis on multiple channels to keep them alert with critical events.

More mobile users can carry terabytes of data stored in their DiskStation on-the-go. Synology takes the lead to support Amazon Kindle Fire and bring DS finder to Windows Phone 7. DS photo+ and DS file are also available for Android tablets.

Additional new features include application portals, proactive virus scan, hotspot support, configuration backup enhancements, Picasa Web Albums and Twitter support on Photo Station and lot more.

Synology DSM 4.0 is free to download for users who own a DiskStation x08 series and onward.

For more information visit http://www.synology.com/dsm/index.php

The download is available at http://www.synology.com/support/download.php

The live demo site is available at http://www.synology.com/products/dsm_livedemo.php

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