02 Jan 2012

Synology announced the launch of the NVR Selector

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SCALEWIRELESS storage solutions partner Synology launched an online tool, that helps to choose right equipment for an IP-camera surveillance project.

NVR Selector helps to determine, witch Synology DiskStation is right for customers surveillance project. Users can select how many cameras and with what resolution they want to connect to the system and NVR Selector then recommends, what Synology DiskStation model is the best to use.

This tool can cut down the guess work and deliver accurate recommendation, both about the hard disk space requirements and DiskStation needed. It also estimates network bandwidth needed for the project, exact values will depend heavily on motion in front of the cameras.

Synology NVR Selector can be found at the following address: http://www.synology.com/products/nvr.php?lang=enu

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