17 Dec 2012

SCALEWIRELESS partners with Mia Jõulumaa

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Networking, multimedia and IT solutions provider SCALEWIRELESS sponsorships Mia Jõulumaa with innovative and reliable IT infrastructure necessary to provide Christmas event for 2500 children.

SCALEWIRELESS sponsored non-profit children’s Christmas event Mia Jõulumaa with free and stable internet connection in otherwise difficult environment, where establishing connection with conventional methods was impossible.

Technical solution, used in Mia Jõulumaa, is based on LANCOM Systems 3G universal device, capable of providing both internet connection and backup solution in any environment. Device can be installed in just a few minutes and it has many built-in features, from 3,5G modem and GPS positioning to WiFi internal and external antennas. Connection to the device can be also established via LAN cable.

“It is rather common in Estonian countryside, that 3G reception is worse in indoors than outdoors. In some cases, it is not even possible to establish internet connection from inside the house,” explained device usage scenario IT specialist and Mia Jõulumaa volunteer, Ando Urbas. “That was exactly the case at Mia Jõulumaa, where internet connection with the regular 3G USB-stick was impossible to establish – signal was too weak. But with SCALEWIRELESS equipment we got fast Internet connection in no time.”

More information about SCALEWIRELESS outdoor solutions can be found at

Mia Jõulumaa is open from 14th to 16th of December in Viikingite Village, Saula, Harju County. Opening hours 9am to 5pm. Every visit support children, who were not able to afford the visit themselves. Mia Jõulumaa gave 800 tickets for free to families with financial difficulties, for disabled or to children living in foster homes. More information and program can be found at www.joulumaa.ee.

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