13 Apr 2012

New: LANCOM OS 8.6 Release

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SCALEWIRELESS partner LANCOM Systems present their operating system LCOS 8.6 Release. The LANCOM operating system LCOS and the management system LCMS regularly provide free new functions to all current LANCOM routers, access points and gateways.

LCOS 8.6 brings more user-friendlyness, comfort, and mobility to your network management: new features like the versatile Group Configuration, the integration of Android smartphones and tablets, as well as the support of SIP ALG add to greater efficiency and flexibility in network operations. Read on for more on the most important new functions and improvements.

Feature highlights LCOS/LCMS 8.6

• LANCOM Group Configuration
Using the versatile Group Configuration feature, common parameters shared by multiple LANCOM devices can be set up and changed in parallel. Furthermore, the new CSV-import feature in LANconfig allows multiple device configurations to be created in a single step.

• Optimized LANCOM Public Spot
The user management now has optimized functions for creating, changing and deleting users. And thanks to the improved Printing Wizard, multiple wireless LAN vouchers can now be printed out with a single click.

• Integration of Android smartphones and tablets into the corporate network
As of LCOS 8.6, LANCOM VPN routers support Android devices in the company network. This allows smartphones and tablet PCs with the Android operating system to remotely access data and e-mails on corporate networks.

• Up to 30% more performance!
With the LCOS 8.6 you boost the performance of many LANCOM routers and access points up to 30% compared to the preceeding version!

Further Highlights
– NEW: Support of the Fax Gateway Option for all routers of the LANCOM 1781 series.
– NEW: Support of SIP ALG (Application Layer Gateway), a proxy intended for a flawless transfer of SIP communication.
– The LANCOM access points LANCOM L-322, L-321 and L-320agn Wireless are now officially certified by the Wi-Fi Alliance.
– Radio field (RF) optimization with LANCOM WLAN controllers has been improved with new interference detection and also operates in the 5-GHz frequency band.
– LANCOM access points can establish up to sixteen point-to-point links.
– The command line interface is now user-friendlier. A new search filter makes it easier to read large tables. Values and content can be found more quickly with the optional display of tables in list form.
– With LCOSCAP, LANCOM devices support the export of data to Wireshark, a program that analyzes network interface traffic at a data-packet level.
– The encryption protocol TLS, successor to SSL, can be used in the new versions TLS 1.1 and 1.2. This improves security when communicating over HTTPS, for example.
– Seamless roaming – The LANCOM Advanced VPN Client provides more mobility by maintaining the connection to a LANCOM router even if the IP address or access point should change.
– SIP registration via WAN can be restricted.

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