21 Mar 2012

LANCOM 1781-4G: Business VPN router with LTE cellular modem

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SCALEWIRELESS partner LANCOM Systems present their first 4G cellular router, the LANCOM 1781-4G. This VPN router’s inte­grated LTE/UMTS/HSPA+ multimode modem uses LTE cellular networking for broadband Internet connectivity (up to 100 Mbps download and 50 Mbps upload).

The combination of LTE/UMTS/HSPA+ and VPN makes the LANCOM 1781-4G ideally suited for businesses and branch offices either lacking access to wired broadband Internet or in need of a high-performance alternative to it – be it in the city or in regions without DSL coverage. This router simplifies a wide range of business processes. The device also supports temporary or mobile Internet access at varying sites. Other applications include connectivity for home offices, temporary conference rooms at external venues, mobile offices on construction sites, or for locations without DSL but in need of high-speed access to the Internet or company networks via LTE. Equally feasible is the use of the LTE connection as a backup for wired Internet access, for example to secure electronic payments in retail.

Universal Internet access
The device has an integrated LTE/UMTS/HSPA+ modem as its WAN interface. The new green Gigabit Ethernet switch is also suitable for connecting ADSL, SDSL, VDSL or cable modems for additional Internet access lines. The switch provides power-saving functions according to 802.3az for energy-efficient networks, and continues to allow for a fanless design of the device. All four ports can be configured for LAN, WAN, DMZ, VLAN or monitoring.

With 5 VPN channels as standard (optionally 25), the LANCOM 1781-4G operates as an IPSec VPN gateway offering highly secure AES encryption and support of digital certificates. IPSec tunnels can even be established in cellular networks where the otherwise necessary ports are blocked. Thanks to the high-speed USB 2.0 port, USB devices such as printers can be connected to the router. It is also possible to upload preprogrammed configurations into the router from USB stick. External LTE antennas can be connected to the device to improve the LTE signal quality. And the new router is already prepared for the new Internet protocol IPv6.

Flexibility through virtualization
The Advanced Routing and Forwarding (ARF) function enables the LANCOM 1781-4G to provide up to 16 virtual networks, each with its own settings for DHCP, DNS, routing and firewall. ARF allows logically separate networks to be operated for different groups and applications on a single physical infrastructure.

Security and backup included
The integrated high-security firewall with stateful inspection, intrusion detection, and denial-of-service protection screens the network safely and reliably from attacks from the Internet. The included management tools LANconfig and LANmonitor offer not only convenient remote maintenance of entire installations and useful setup wizards – such as the 1-Click-VPN wizard for the easy setup of VPN connections between LANCOM routers – but also real-time monitoring and logging. Comprehensive backup, high-availability functions and the ISDN port guarantee smooth 24-hour operations.

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