09 Mar 2012

Brandnew from CeBIT:
AVM Smart Home

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SCALEWIRELESS partner AVM has combined the home network with Smart Home, for the first time. At the CeBIT trade fair the communi­cations specialist has unveiled innovative new products that feature successful WLAN, Ethernet, DECT and powerline communication technologies for home networks and Smart Home.

The FRITZ!Powerline 546E combines powerline communication with WLAN and two Ethernet connections for the first time, while the FRITZ!DECT Repeater 230 offers improved DECT range for phone calls. The innovations are equipped with an intelligent socket that can be managed via desktop computers, phones or smartphones, even when you’re on the go. Other intelligent functions like automatic recognition of connected devices on standby, as well as a calendar function with daylight and nighttime settings, demonstrate the wide range of applications for home network and Smart Home connectivity. All products are demonstrated live at the CeBIT trade fair and will go on sale this year.

Home network gives Smart Home a helping hand
The home network has become standard in many households. Using the standardized transmission technologies WLAN, LAN, DECT and powerline communication, digital photos and music can be shared and used on various devices, including smartphones and tablets. In contrast, there are also a whole host of competing stand-alone applications and transmission technologies when it comes to home automation/Smart Home. With these innovations is showcased at CeBIT, AVM also employs tried-and-tested products and transmission technologies for home network use in its Smart Home concept.

The FRITZ!Powerline 546E
With the new FRITZ!Powerline 546E, AVM has combined powerline communication, WLAN N, 2 x LAN and an intelligent socket in a single multifunctional product. With data transfer rates of up to 500 Mbit/s in powerline communication, the new 546E also supports demanding broadband applications like Internet TV and video on demand. All devices within range of the powerline communication adapter are integrated into the home network via the 300 Mbit/s WLAN N. Both powerline communication and WLAN are individually encrypted ex works so that your data transfer is secure, right from the start. Devices with Ethernet can also be accessed via the home network thanks to two Ethernet ports – WPS makes using these a piece of cake. The user interface provides an overview of the entire powerline communication network, while the integrated socket enables devices with up to 16 ampere to be connected, with energy use monitored and displayed at the same time. The FRITZ!Powerline 546E also boasts an update function for new features.

The FRITZ!DECT Repeater 230 and FRITZ!DECT 230
The DECT Repeater 230 will be a very special premiere, offering improved DECT range for the home and garden. In combination with a FRITZ!Box with DECT, the new Repeater 230 offers a whole host of innovations. This is the first DECT repeater to encrypt phone calls to safeguard against eavesdropping. Holding several conversations at the same time is also possible, as is registering several DECT repeaters with one DECT base station. As the first product of its kind, the new Repeater 230 also supports HD telephony, Internet radio, RSS and other functions already familiar to users of the FRITZ!Fon. The integrated socket enables devices with up to 16 ampere to be connected, with energy use monitored and displayed at the same time. The FRITZ!DECT 230 is a particularly good value without the repeater function. In this model, the intelligent socket is simply integrated into the home network via DECT ULE (ultra-low energy).

Smart Home with FRITZ!Powerline and FRITZ!DECT
These innovations from AVM perfectly combine Smart Home with home networking. The intelligent sockets also enable you to manage your devices with the aid of a Google calendar. With the sunrise/sunset function, different modes can be set up depending on the hours of daylight. The option of monitoring and displaying energy usage is also new. The FRITZ!Powerline and FRITZ!DECT also feature an update function. Access to the intelligent socket is possible via desktop computers, phones, smartphones and tablets, even when you’re on the go. An innovative app in HTML5 format has also been developed for use on smartphones.

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