07 Sep 2011

Synology announces major software update

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Synology, SCALEWIRELESS partner in storage solutions, released updated software DSM 3.2 for their award-winning NAS servers. Update brings many new features within a well-organized and intuitive user interface.

New features with DSM 3.2 focus on business covergance and management efficieny, multimedia and mobility solutions. Extra work has been done on beeing Mac user friendly – Synology is among the first in the NAS industry to support Mac OS X Lion and provide a reliable backup destination for Time Machine.

Business users will find, that Synology’s comprehensive LDAP service incorporates the abilities to create an LDAP directory server and to integrate a DiskStation into users’ existing Mac or Linux environments for easy account & privilege control.

With new tools for Android or iOS devices, IT administrators can slide fingers left or right to enable or disable services as well as manage accounts and privileges of DiskStations on their mobile device. DSM 3.2 supports Google Cloud Print™, with which users can print documents from their mobile devices to distantly located printers over the Internet, without installing any drivers.
The brand new Photo Station 5 features a theme designer for album customization and accelerates thumbnail generation. Users can strike a balance between their privacy and social life by protecting selected albums with passwords and importing photos to Facebook. With support expanded to major file hosting sites, Download Station accelerates file hunting.

The revamped Package Center allows users to discover and install latest applications in a snap. Package Center also makes it easy to update users’ selected applications after they receive desktop or e-mail notifications. DSM 3.2 incorporates advanced HTML5 capabilities and CSS3 style, engaging users through drag-n-drop support in File Browser and Download Station, and allowing them to upload files from their PC desktop. Synology Hybrid RAID makes volume ready for use 95% faster than before.

Synology DSM 3.2 is free to download for users who own a DiskStation x08 series and onward.

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