14 Sep 2011

SCALEWIRELESS closed pilot on Vormsi

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SCALEWIRELESS, a provider of wireless technology and equipment in Estonia and Baltic States, closed it´s pilot project on Vormsi island, where for almost three years our technology provided broadband Internet access to local people free of charge.

SCALEWIRELESS provided it´s service for two villages on Vormsi, Hullo and Saxby. The most active usage of free wireless Internet was in Hullo, where many households used wireless connection as their only connection to the Internet. On top of that, many locals and tourists used the opportunity to surf the Internet with their laptops or smartphones.

“This pilot project was a huge success,” said Georg von Stackelberg, CEO of SCALEWIRELESS. “During all these years there were absolutely no technical problems with the devices despite the temperatures dropping as low as -30 degrees during last winter. Our most reliable and robust wireless access points also handled the large number of wireless clients extremely well, which were connected simultaneously, making it a perfect hot-spot solution.”

Internet access in Vormsi has been an important issue for locals for years, since there are not enough jobs on the Island and connection to the mainland is poor. Good Internet connection is seen as an opportunity to keep people on the Island, to be able to work for companies situated elsewhere. The main difference to the rest of the Estonia is, that there is no cable based infrastructure on the island and connection with the mainland is also established wirelessly.

“We stand ready to provide a solution for the whole island or to offer service for a separate household or a group of houses,” said Mr Stackelberg. “We could provide Internet connections with speeds ranging from 5 to 100 Mbit/s with wireless technology on Vormsi if there is a demand and a budget available.”

SCALEWIRELESS (www.scalewireless.ee) is an Estonian IT company, specialized in providing technology and offering consulting for wireless infrastructure projects, storage and video surveillance solutions. SCALEWIRELESS is a distributor for Synology, AVM, Lancom Systems and HSTI. SCALEWIRELESS is a member of ICT Demo Center.

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