11 Mar 2010

TV reviewers use Synology DS209+II

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Member of computer club Kiip determined best DLNA compatible TV with help of a Synology 209+II server in a series of test conducted in a electronics shop. Overall best was Samsung 7th series or newer TV, to the close 2nd came Philips 8000 series TV.

“Too many people buy TV only by looking at it’s image quality and price,” explained Ando Urbas. “Our goal was to draw people attention to other important features of a TV set and DLNA standard in particular.”

During the test Synology DS209+II server was connected to different TV screens with network cable and Ethernet port. In the server there was stored different types of music- and video files. Testers tried out, witch different formats and codexs were supported by particular TV set server was currently connected at.

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  1. Priit says:

    Ja, see telekas on väga hea.

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