07 Mar 2010

118 Synology servers deployed

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SCALEWIRELESS OÜ provided 118 Synology servers to Santa Monica Networks, who is using them for intensifying rural government
informational system security within the state contract of supplies.

Each of the 118 Synology DS209+II servers offer storage up to 4 TB of data, which can be expanded to 10 TB. Furthermore, the digital data storage server can be used as web- and FTP server, multimedia and video-server as well as photo-server.

„Our choice was made in favour of Synology servers since we found that
this product offers the best price-quality ratio. Santa Monica Networks and SCALEWIRELESS are both members of ICT Demo Center and that’s how our contacts were made,“ said Santa Monica Networks sales manager Kristjan Põldre.

„Synology server offers immense possibilities for both home and
business clients. Digital information can be accessed from any place with an internet connection In this way all data is easily and securely accessible,“ explained Kaja Karlson, development manager at SCALEWIRELESS OÜ.

According to the CEO of SCALEWIRELESS OÜ Georg-Wolter von Stackelberg,
Synology servers are extremely suitable for public institutions, for whom it is
important to have open standards combined with the ability to integrate these with other devices. „The server is based on open structure so that everybody can create his own solution. On some sites, it is only going to be used as secure data storage, while others will mostly use it for sharing information on the internet via webpages or blogs. One could connect it with security cameras or use it as an entertainment centre.“

Synology servers work with Windows, Linux and Mac OS. they are economical (from 19W during operating time), umlaut letters can be used in file names, twelve security cameras may be linked, etc. The product’s innovative abilities is marked by a special green colour mark „Uus on IN“ („New is IN“) handed out during the Year of Innovation.

SCALEWIRELESS (www.scalewireless.ee) is an Estonian IT company, specialized in selling hardware, wireless networks and accompanying software. SCALEWIRELESS is present in Estonia and the entire Baltic market space, providing net solutions from manufacturers such as Synology, AVM, Lancom Systems, Osbridge and Saxnet. SCALEWIRELESS is a member of ICT
Demo Center.

Santa Monica Networks As is an integration company established in 1992
specialized in data communication, VoIP, data security and IT management. with a wide experience in data communication network projection, installations and servicing. We have been focused on Cisco technologies from the very beginning. Over the past few we have expanded our portfolio with products from companies such as Juniper, CheckPoint, F5 and others. Santa Monica Networks is also a member of ICT Demo Center.

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