06 Apr 2012

FRITZ!OS – new home networking, WLAN and telephony functions

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SCALEWIRELESS partner AVM demonstrates with FRITZ!OS once again that FRITZ!Box users benefit from new functions, even after the initial purchase. The new FRITZ!OS 5.21 firmware for the FRITZ!Box offers numerous new home networking, WLAN and telephony features free of charge.

The interaction with smartphones and tablets has also been expanded – for access both at home and on the go. One of the highlights is the new MyFRITZ! service, AVM’s solution for simple and secure access to the personal FRITZ!Box. The new FRITZ!OS 5.21 is now available to download free of charge for all FRITZ!Box 7390 users, with additional FRITZ!Box models to follow.

MyFRITZ! – the Cloud You Can Trust
Thanks to the new MyFRITZ! service, you can now easily and securely access your FRITZ!Box from anywhere in the world, regardless of whether you use a computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet. MyFRITZ! also informs you about important details via phone calls and spoken messages. Access is encrypted and secured through AVM’s free MyFRITZ! service, allowing for defined access of the FRITZ!Box, despite continuously alternating addresses initiated by the Internet provider.

Better Overview of the Home Network and Faster Access to Devices
The user interface of the FRITZ!Box now displays a clear list of all active users and guests in the home network. Devices accessed in the home network via http are now available with just a click. What’s more, the network overview displays all the devices that are currently online along with their details.

Name Your FRITZ!Box
The FRITZ!Box now goes by a name of your choosing. Once entered, the name is applied to the home network display, media server, user interface and SSID of the WLAN, making the home network even easier to manage.

Sharing Internet Access via WLAN
If Internet access is ever unavailable, FRITZ!Box owners now have the option to connect via WLAN to another WLAN router and thus access the Internet.

Guest Access via LAN
In addition to WLAN, guests can also set up their own Internet access via LAN and the home network remains secure.

Watch Your Line
The FRITZ!Box provides users with details about their Internet connection by sending them a graphic overview of data rates and the quality of their Internet connection via push e-mail on a daily or weekly basis. Users can also choose to receive e-mails containing the current IPv4 and IPv6 addresses of the FRITZ!Box.

Wake on LAN via the Internet
The Wake on LAN function is now easier to use via the Internet. The computer, NAS or server automatically exit standby mode once they receive the first data packet.

WLAN Telephony in Top Quality
FRITZ!App Fon allows you to make calls on your smartphone through the FRITZ!Box.These calls are now automatically initiated inside the wireless network and conversations are transmitted without delay in the best-possible quality.

New Displays, New Font and New Ringtones for FRITZ!Fon
The new FRITZ!Fon start-up screen displays an overview of the number and type of new messages. Incoming calls are now displayed in an extra large font with better legibility. We have also significantly expanded the DECT ringtones optimized for FRITZ!Fon.

Please feel free to download the new FRITZ!OS firmware 5.21 here.

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