20 Jan 2012

SCALEWIRELESS provided Internet for children’s Christmas land

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In December, SCALEWIRELESS provided temporary Internet connection for more than 2000 visitors and organizers of non-profit children’s Christmas land Mia Jõulumaa.

SCALEWIRELESS sponsored non-profit children’s Christmas land Mia Jõulumaa with free and stable Internet connection in otherwise difficult environment, where establishing connection with conventional methods was not possible.

Technical solution that was used in Mia Jõulumaa is based on LANCOM Systems OAP-321-3G that is an universal device, capable of providing Internet connection or backup solution for any environment, even when outside temperature goes down to -35 or even more. Device can be installed in just a few minutes and it has many built-in features, from 3,5G modem and GPS positioning to WiFi internal and external antennas. Connection to the device can be also established via LAN cable.

“It is rather common in Estonian countryside, that 3G reception is worse in indoors than outdoors. In some cases, it is not even possible to establish Internet connection from inside the house,” explained device usage scenario IT specialist and Mia Jõulumaa volunteer, Ando Urbas. “That was exactly the case at Mia Jõulumaa, where Internet connection with the regular 3G USB-stick was impossible to establish – signal was too weak. But with SCALEWIRELESS outdoor device tied up to a tree, we got fast Internet connection in no time.”

LANCOM Systems OAP-321-3G is also equipped with a WiFi directional antenna, that can be used to establish connection with a client up to 25 km away. That allows to install the device in a location, where 3G signal is strong and beam Internet connection virtually anywhere nearby, where it is needed – for example, on top of a mast, hilltop or chimney and use LAN cable or WiFi signal for Internet connection to your house or office.

More information about SCALEWIRELESS outdoor solutions can be found at
/~scw/product/lancom/outdoor-m2m-routers .

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