02 Aug 2011

Synology® Unveils DiskStation Manager 3.2 Beta

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Forward-thinking NAS OS elevates efficiency, integrates new technologies, enriches user experience, and is now available for free download!

“DSM 3.2 delivers an array of business applications, and realizes the way businesses would work in the future,” said Rosiel Lee, product manager of Synology Inc. “Our industry-first comprehensive directory solutions are examples, which effortlessly integrate numerous user accounts in an existing IT infrastructure,” Lee added. Supporting LDAP-based directory services, Synology NAS servers seamlessly fit into an existing Mac or Linux environment. For businesses that need to centralize account management from multiple servers, it takes only one click before Synology Directory Server package deploys directory infrastructure for them.

DSM 3.2 also excels at centralizing various resources. Syslog Server collects and stores logs aggregated from various servers, routers, and syslog-enabled devices for easy management. Message filtering, sorting, and flexible search criteria facilitate system log search. Remote Folder centralizes distributed CIFS files sharing, which allows business to build a single access portal for multiple servers for easy data accessing. Furthermore, distributed ISO files can be mounted onto a Synology NAS server with the Virtual Drive feature and can be played right away.

Business features:

› LDAP server & Syslog server
› VPN complete
› Netatalk 2.2 (Mac Lion support)
› WebDAV: support Google calendar
› OpenERP integration
› Surveillance
› Camera group
› Full features available for Mac Safari
› Streaming server architecture redesigning
› 36 channel liveview

Easy management:

› Quick volume creation
› More routers supported
› ISO-mount support
› Printing improvement: MFP enhancement & Google cloud printing
› New package management

Mobile & Multimedia:

› DSM Mobile
› DS Photo+: support password protection album
› DS audio: Internet Radio on iPhone
› DS finder: Android version available
› Photo Station 5: new UI design, password protection album and Facebook sync & upload
› Media server: flexible media indexing and support mkv video transcoding for PS3
› Download Station: support premium download sites and youtube

Furthermore, we would like to take this chance to invite you to upgrade your DiskStation to Beta version, and try out the exciting new features.

› Download DSM 3.2-Beta:
› server: ftp.synology.com
› account: syno_partner
› pass: SynoP@rtner2011


› Kindly notice you that DSM 3.2-Beta and the download site are for your internal use only. We would need your help not to publish them.
› DSM 3.2-Beta can be unstable and could cause crashes or data loss, please back up your important data before upgrading.
› DSM 3.2-Beta will be updated with the latest build frequently.
› Please refer to the following link for more information about the Beta program: http://www.synology.com/support/beta_program.php?lang=enu

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